We’ve opened the flood gates with Arctic15 and we’re coming out with lots of news these days. The latest being the opening of the Arctic15 startup competition. Like said in a post earlier this year, we will do the startup competition in a slightly different way. We have 15 different categories that startups can submit themselves into and through those we will find the winners of each category that will get a chance to pitch themselves on stage in October.

The categories are:
Best new mobile service idea (Tekes Tempo funded)
Best product launch
Best enterprise startup
Best consumer startup
Best gaming startup
Best mobile startup
Best new startup
Best side project
Best startup accelerator
Best new recruit
Best design
Best marketing campaign
Most deserved investment round of the year
Best Nordic startup
Best Baltic startup

Applications can be submitted on the Arctic15 website. Please note that the competition is only open for Nordic and Baltic startups meaning your company will have to be registered in or one of the founders has to be from one of the following countries: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Best new mobile service idea -category will be sponsored by Tekes Tempo, our platinum sponsor. This means that the winner of that category will be eligible for a conditional 50% financial support from Tekes to develop the idea further. More information on this can be found from the application form on Arctic15.com.

As for the schedule, the voting period is open now until the end of August. After that we will select the most potential finalists for each category and they are open for public voting during the first week of September. On the 10th of September we will announce each of the category winners that will then be eligible to come on stage at Arctic15 to pitch themselves for the grand prize.

Go submit that application today!

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