Arctic15 is a very dear child to us. We want to create the most business worthy event for startup entrepreneurs through awesome speakers, networking and business opportunities. We also realise that when you make a great event, a lot of people will have to travel to your event from close and far. This of course generates huge amounts of carbon dioxide and the so called carbon footprint is rather large for an event close to 1000 people.

Towards more environmentally friendly conferencing
We have decided to take steps this year to make our event more eco-friendly as well.

Firstly, we will encourage our demo stand partners not to give out too much of the usual “conference schwag” as unfortunately much of it goes unused. Also, we as organisers, won’t be offering any printed programmes and will have all of the information available in digital format to avoid using so much paper.

Secondly, we will try to calculate our event’s carbon footprint as accurately as possible so we can offset it afterwards. This means that we’ll include all the travel, hotel nights, car rides, electricity our attendees will use to get to the event as well as back home and through that calculate the amount of carbon dioxide we emit. We are also looking into different partners who would be able to offer a trustworthy way to offset that footprint through renewable energy or forest plantation projects.

While we realise that it is impossible to be 100% precise and accurate regarding this, we think it is the attempt to offset your footprint as accurately as possible that counts. So the ticket price will include a part of it that will go towards a project we will pick. If there are good suggestions for companies to work with on this, we’d be gracious for any recommendations in the comments.

Just after the weekend, on Monday, we will be announcing the rest of our keynote speakers on Altogether there will be six, perhaps seven more speakers from very interesting companies and parts of the world. So stay tuned and check on Monday!

In addition to the keynotes, Arctic15 will feature three panel discussions that will be announced closer to the event together with the panelists. However, we have kept our goal, outlined at the top of this article, clear in our minds in how we set them up. The aim is to provide entrepreneurs with the best quality information to take their businesses further.

CO2 footprint image by badjonni.

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