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From today onwards, we’ll be starting an Arctic15 exclusive to release eight unseen videos of Derek Sivers, the founder and CEO of CDBaby, on how he built the company and sold it onwards. CD Baby was one of the first real record stores online selling CDs. Sivers sold the company in 2008, 11 years after founding it. But how does all this relate to Arctic15 you may ask? We actually invited him to the conference to share his advice, but unfortunately he was unable to make it due to other arrangements. However, he told us he really liked the conference idea and decided to allow us to broadcast this very rare video series of him sharing his advice to our community. Derek Sivers has roots in Sweden, so we’ll try and get the man to Arctic15 next year!

The video series covers eight videos in total. The first one is the introduction to the series. All of the videos are also edited into a nice length, easy to consume as they are between 5 and 10 minutes. We’ll be releasing 3 videos a week running up to the conference. The next video will be released on September 7th.

Even though Sivers couldn’t make it to Arctic15, make sure you get your tickets in time – get yours from Arctic15.com.

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