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We’re funded!Being the founder of the blog, I’m very very glad to announce that we have secured funding from two Finnish venture capitalists. The money will be used to hire a full time blogger and expand the services overseas to other Scandinavian countries. We are still in talks of publishing the two private investors in the near future.

We’re thrilled of course, needless to say. However, we won’t be selling this blog so the focus will be kept critical and analytical in the future as well. The blog was started in 2007 with a suspicion that I will have time to continue writing it. Soon it gathered momentum and I had sort of an obligation from the fans and companies to continue on the track I’ve chosen. With this funding I see that our efforts have not been in vain.

A huge thanks to all the readers and companies involved – I’m starting of the day with a bottle of champagne 🙂

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