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Arctic Startup EventsMark the 8th of May down to your calendars – we’re hosting another meetup in Dubrovnik Lounge and Lobby to discuss social web applications. We will have a panel discussion with Asmo Halinen (from Apaja Online Entertainment), Jani Penttinen (XIHA Ltd) and Kristoffer Lawson (Fishpool Scred). These guys have first hand experience in running social web services, so don’t miss out!

Floobs has agreed to film the event and stream it online through their service so you’ll be able to tune in if you happen to be out of town (however, you’ll miss out on the excellent networking chances!).

See this page for more information and do leave your comments on the topics of discussion you’d like to hear!

Update: We’re having Jani Penttinen on the panel from XIHA instead of Juhani. Jani is one of the founders of XIHA Ltd. Also, Kristoffer Lawson will be replacing Matti from Fishpool.

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