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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Arctic Startup adds a new editor

We are pleased to announce that Tomi Luostarinen will join our editorial team. Tomi is an entrepreneur himself, founder of Innofile, and he has around ten years of experience from the wireless communications and Internet industries. Tomi is a member of The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association, and will be providing reports from related events among other things.

More detailed bios of all editors will be published soon in the About section.

Message from Tomi:

First of all, I would like to thank Antti and Miikka for having started this wonderful blog. I truly think that growth and entrepreneurship need some fresh perspective here in Finland. Usual public discussion on these subjects begins with ‘should’ rather than ‘how’. I hope that this blog brings you ideas and possible answers to that ‘how’. From now on I’ll be joining the guys as a (more or less) regular writer.

I don’t like monologues so I hope that you frequently comment, criticize, and discuss my future posts. Your views are always appreciated. You can also reach me via e-mail at firstname.lastname(at)iki.fi.”

Tomi Luostarinen

Our warm welcome Tomi, it’s great to get you aboard!

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