One Minute Startup News: Graphiq

Looking for a designer? Oslo-based company Graphiq will get you covered. Graphiq connects large companies with the best design talent. If you think this is yet another marketplace for talent, it is not. It is, in fact, more than that. The service not only connects companies with designers but also helps thмem with project management.

The company bootstrapped without external funding or technical team for the first 2 years but recently secured a bit over 300k from private investors. The CEO of Graphiq Jakob Palmers told us that the money will be used on the development of virtual design teams.  Today more and more companies choose to work with project-based and rely on gaining talent from outside. Thus Graphiq will connect companies with designers that understand the target audience and match the customer’s personality. They already serve TINE and DNB as their clients. So far, Graphiq has had Norway as the focus but is already looking at international markets for further growth. Check it out!