Arctic Evening on the 2nd October

    We’re back with events and would like to invite all of our readers to enjoy a laid back evening at Dubrovnik atmosphere with some drinks, networking and discussion on our very own startup scene on the 2nd October, 2008.

    Wisened up from the feedback from you guys, we aim to keep the program brief and to the point, but still interesting. We will have Peter Robinett flying over from Amsterdam to come and chat with me about the lastest developements in the Amsterdam startup scene, the hottest Dutch startups, and even the Silicon Valley scene in general and what we could learn from the two to make the Finnish startup ecosystem more dynamic for all of us.

    Peter is an accomplished coder and a web designer. He’s originally from Palo Alto, California which is undisputedly the most dynamic start-up ecosystem in the world. After moving to Europe he quickly settled in Amsterdam, Netherland and have been active impacting the local start-up scene by organizing Luch 2.0, Barcamps and most recently the iPhone Dev Camp.

    In addition to the discussion with Peter, we will have an open mic for any start-up, entrepreneur or other like minded persona to talk about their project, product launch, open source project and what not. Addition to this we attempt to bring in one interesting speaker that will be revealed at the beginning of the evening itself.

    The venue will be the tried and tested Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby in Helsinki, Finland. We will start at 6pm and wind down the official program around 9pm. Naturally those willing are welcomed to go until the wee hours.

    To pay the bills we are looking sponsors for the event. If your company is interested email Miikka your contact details at miikka [at] arcticstartup [dot] com and he will contact you. We’ll give you proper visibility and you can say a few words about your company at the beginning of the evening.

    We’re are also celebrating our one-year birthday, so leave the NDAs at home and come along to toast with us to the buzzing local startup scene and to the entrepreneurs we have here.

    Edit 14/09/2008: Please register here if you have a Facebook account and you’re planning on attending, so that we’ll have an idea of how many  will attend and can prepare for it. If you don’t have a Facebook account feel free to write me or tell us you’re coming at the comments. Thanks guys!