VTT has set up an accelerator in partnership with the University of Helsinki and Valio to help food industry start-ups grow fast and reach the international market, with a focus on Food Waste, Food Safety, Packaging, Transparency and Smart Farming.
The accelerator is part of the European network of six accelerators, the EIT FAN , the aim of which is to promote a sustainable food system. The program will run during the summer ’20 in the Helsinki area, leveraging the VTT world class scientific and IP expertise, as well as their great labs facilities for testing and validation, in addition to the Business Development and Fundraising expertise. The program will also offer some €10K funding for covering the participation costs, and the opportunity to get up to €100K non-equity diluting grant.

Find more info on the FAN Helsinki Hub Program and Submit here by 10.3.20 https://www.eitfan.eu/helsinki

(use discount code Helsinki100_3 , select Helsinki as the Hub).

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