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Applifier's Everyplay Sees Two Minutes Of Mobile Gameplay Shared Every Minute

Applifier’s Everyplay seems to be on a roll at the moment, seeing 750% growth in mobile video sharing over the last quarter. Additionally in the past 30 days they’ve seen the total recorded video increase again by 25%. Big percentage numbers are impressive, but if they only had two videos shared in Q1 2013 then they don’t mean much. But to give you some context, today Applifier says that they’re seeing two minutes of gameplay shared for every minute.

If you haven’t seen our past coverage, they’ve created sort of an in-game social network developers can add on, where you can share screencasts of the mobile games you’re playing. The solution has been integrated into over 85 mobile games, including a few names like Badland, Turbo Racing League, and Rovio’s Bad Piggies.

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On top of the screen recording, Everyplay yesterday launched FaceCam, which leverages your mobile device’s camera to also record your face while you play, in order to create more personalized or entertaining videos.

Applifier seems to be in good company with this concept, as the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles are for the first time adding built-in video sharing features. What’s been undeniable is is the rise of “Let’s Play” style videos from PC gaming, which has previously been complicated for the average gamer to record.

“Game developers and players alike are embracing Everyplay for sharing and watching funny, skillful and creative replays. This drives substantial improvement in organic discovery and improved retention for games,” said Jussi Laakkonen, founder & CEO of Applifier. “We are already seeing players who share great content become stars to follow on Everyplay and today’s release of FaceCam will further that by enabling players to share deeper, more meaningful game experiences.”

Applifier is free for developers and players to use.

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