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applifierThe news broke out today that Applifier has closed $2M in seed funding. The investors include MHS Capital, PROfounders Capital, Tekes, Lifeline Ventures, and angel investors Jyri Engeström, David Gardner and Lars Stenfeldt Hansen. The terms of the investment were not disclosed. Applifier is also announcing today that they have expanded their ad network into the web gaming space – where pain points are similar to that of Facebook; the market is fragmented, user acquisition costs are high and its becoming expensive to get users. We talked to Jussi Laakkonen about the expansion and they see huge opportunities in the space.

Applifier has not released any new figures regarding their growth on Facebook, but Jussi Laakkonen confirmed to us that the growth has been strong. As they expand into the browser based gaming space, they see huge opportunities – very similar to those that game publishers had in Facebook when they launched. Jussi Laakkonen stated “there’s a lot of pain in the market regarding browser based games, the market is a lot more fragmented and it’s harder to grow there”. He acknowledged that it’s not easy and they will have to work hard at it.

Currently, game publishers pay 3-4 times more for user acquisition in browser based games and destinations compared to Facebook where the average price for a new user is about 50c, according to Laakkonen. He wants to grow Applifier into a useful tool for services that have destination sites, are built around the free-to-play model.

With the launch into supporting browser based games, they have more than 8 publishers or promoters signed up. During the original Applifier launch into Facebook, they generated some 4 million pageviews and according to Laakkonen they currently generate more with the browser based games. A strong start that will definitely grow in the future.

Jussi Laakkonen was very happy with both the investment and the expansion to the browser based gaming space. He also left greetings to those who want to live the life of a true Silicon Valley based startup, but do so in FInland – now they have a chance to do so with Applifier. They currently employ 13 people, but have lots more positions open for talented individuals in Finland and California.

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