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Applifier is making the move to the valley, as soon as Jussi Laakkonen, the CEO can get his visa from the US embassy. He has basically packed his bags and his waiting for that one document to arrive before boarding the plane. Applifier isn’t completely shifting focus to the valley, although they’re putting a lot of effort into it. Jussi Laakkonen will be the first to go for now and he’ll be focusing on business development and building the US side of sales and relationships for Applifier. They’ve also hired a person to help out with business development on the valley side.

The US office will thus be opened this month and it will focus on the US markets. Functions will include sales, marketing and support. More closer relationship with Facebook is naturally on the list of duties to accomplish. Finland will continue to have the EMEA-sales, marketing and support activities. Furthermore, R&D will stay in Finland.

I also asked Jussi Laakkonen how they’ve been doing since their previous public announcement of figures back in early autumn last year. Laakkonen did not disclose too much, but hinted towards the 10 positions they currently have open. There’s quite a bit of focus on sales there, which is extremely refreshing to see. There’s even a Junior Account Manager position open for an entry level startup enthusiast.

My guess is that we’ll be hearing from Applifier this spring more interesting figures and news.

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