Reporting from the Mindtrek conference, I managed to have a chat with Jussi Laakkonen the CEO of Applifier about their service and what’s been keeping them busy in the recent months. Only a little over a month ago we reported about the company reaching 55 million monthly active users (MAUs) within Facebook with their cross promotion network. Applifier is the successful (I think we can give it to them already easily) full company pivot from Everyplay, which used to be a 3D social game in Facebook.

Jussi disclosed some fascinating information and figures over our discussion. First of all, I asked him how the service has developed in the recent months and how are they keeping up with scaling. They’re doing a lot of monthly active users, but an interesting figure is that they’re creating about 300 million connections each month to their Amazon cloud.

Naturally, I had to ask how they finance this and Jussi was a trying to dodge the question at all costs. But a bit later he disclosed that they’re making significant revenue already with their cross promotion network. How much, he did not say. Nevertheless this left the question open that do they even need investments any more – is the company creating enough revenue to grow organically?

Laakkonen also confirmed that they have a very interesting, one of the most attractive board of advisors. Based on the amount of travelling he and his company has done to the US, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing quite a few world-class names from the Valley on this board.

Applifier is also a Vigo accelerator company, being funded by Lifeline Ventures. They currently employ 6 people and are eagerly looking for new talent to help them further scale. Do check their jobs page and ping them, if your talent collides in a positive way with what they’re looking for.