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Applifier has just announced that they have launched “Games On Applifier”, essentially a Facebook app to help users discover and find new interesting games. Applifier is Facebook’s largest cross promotion network with 55 million monthly active users (MAU). Previously, Applifier has enabled game publishers to promote their games through their banners, but this takes game discovery and recommendations to a completely new level.

In the new Facebook application users can find games based on their previous playing history as well as see what everyone else is playing in the form of Top Lists that track hundreds of social games.

Together with the announcement and launch of Games On Applifier, the company is also launching a new version of its cross promotion bar that will be fully integrated with the Facebook app. This means that the 55 million monthly active users will have access to the personal recommendations by Applifier, further improving the experience and discovery of new games.

Furthermore, in the new app, users are given an “Inbox” which will be used for communication between the user and the game developers. This will come in very handy for promotion and social discovery through friends for example. The Inbox API is now available for publishers and developers, where as the service itself launches for

Applifier has already served more than 100 million free clicks to their clients – the game developers. It also seems that game developers love their offering, “Applifier had a big part in Crime City growing to millions of users in just few months, so I’m very excited about the new features! Games on Applifier helps more users find our game and the Inbox lets us keep in touch with our players” said Anil Dharni, President and COO of Funzio.

What makes this all the more interesting is that with this move, Applifier will be beginning to control the crowds in a more engaged way yet again adding value to the company and what they do. Being able to understand how users play games and share them with friends in a more in-depth way will be very valuable knowledge.

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