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Applause For Uplause Entertaining 1.5 Million People!

UplauseWe talked about Uplause back in 2010 and already stated that it made traditional multiplayer gaming old school. It has indeed with its concept of Crowd Games or Massively Multiplayer Crowd Playing Game (MMCPG). It looked promising to us and its recent numbers stand as a solid proof to its success.

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Uplause shared numbers and they are impressive. It has amassed close to 1.5 million users in just 14 months of its launch. There was also another interesting study from the Euro Hockey Tour in 2009, revealing that over 80% of the users wanted to experience Uplause again while another 76% believed that it created a better atmosphere. And why not? If you provide entertainment to the masses who have spent time, money and energy to attend an event, even during the breaks or other idle moments, you are bound to earn such high level of user loyalty. I mean you can’t take the Ice hockey team to the very last benches in the stadium, but you can definitely bring the game to every person or fan. And it’s not just with extra hardware or accessories, or even users learning the game play, they can control gameplay with gestures or even voice.

The Uplause system can readily be a part of an event in two ways:

  • A license model, where the event organizer can purchase the solution which includes license, production and customization.
  • An Advertising Model, where a sponsor purchases the system, which is provided free of cost to the event organizer.

They have also added quite a many challenges to their inventory, which include:

  • Basket Ball Challenge
  • Hockey Challenge
  • Soccer
  • Party
  • Baseball
  • Football

I will have to experience the Uplause system to do justice to what it really has to offer. But seeing what it addresses, I think Uplause has the right ingredients to make the perfect item. Its not just there for the consumers, but brands can leverage the same, primarily because it makes engagement with users fun and not boring. That’s one reason why I have stopped enjoying sports or events on television since they slap an ad after ad on my face, draining every bit of entertainment that is there to enjoy.

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