AppInTop Launches Public Beta: Automated App Marketing for Budget Developers

Nikolay Evdokimov is a Russian serial-entrepreneur whose name might be one worth memorizing in case you ever find yourself in a boozeless dinner table full of Russian investors and you need a tension breaking topic to discuss about.

He’s no Zuckerberg, but a self made man of the internet era nonetheless; In 2008 he founded SeoPult, which by 2012 had rounded a $20 million capital round, 72,000 paying customers and a 65 percent share of the Russian automated digital advertising market. In 2011 Evdokimov moved to Asia and co-founded internet holding company Web3.0Asia which, as of today, has 219 million users, according to the website.

Last week Evdokimov’s latest startup, AppInTop, launched a public beta to help mobile developers with no brains (or no interest) for app marketing to promote their apps at a low cost per install.

AppInTop can be described as a layer on top of AdMob, Facebook Mobile Ads, Flurry and 100 other mobile ad networks. The service enables mobile publishers to launch advertising campaigns across all of those networks and automatically find the channels that result in the most installs, achieving 60% savings of their ad budget, the company says..

Basically users can start advertising with a minimal budget of $10 per day. They can personally define the advertising budget of the app and its promotional strategy, after which the traffic is purchased automatically within the AppInTop affiliate network.

Aimed at reaching the big pool of developers, AppInTop’s beta users have been mostly game developers so far. Hence, as competition the company named primarily Germany-based AppLift, which pretty much drives the same cause as AppInTop, except AppLift aims towards larger game publishers and their monetization follows a pay-per-install format, unlike AppInTop’s pay-per-click policy.

AppInTop evaluates the effectiveness of each individual advertiser and the most effective channels with the lowest cost of install are identified through an automated optimization process.

Relevant analytics, such as conversion tracking, app revenue, competitors’ ad spend and revenues are available to AppInTop users. The cost of using the service is 20% of the advertisement budget.

“Currently, in the mobile app space only the largest app developers and publishers have resources to pay for tools to promote their apps and receive the market analytics. We found a way to offer these valuable tools to smaller firms to help them plan and execute app promotion strategies. With AppInTop they can now also gather competitive intelligence about their sector, even the cost of getting to the top positions in 25 countries.” Evdokimov commented.

How well AppInTop will do will only be revealed in the coming year or two. However, led by a man who’s had two successful IT-companies and plenty of time to combine the best ingredients from these previous experiences for yet another tasty pie, I’d say AppInTop might eventually break the news again.

AppInTop is available for the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

The company has offices in the US, Singapore, Thailand and Russia.