Creating native mobile applications from HTML5 is picking up speed and the Helsinki, Finland based AppGyver is in the middle of this. They’ve seen steady growth in their client base in the last two years and to speed things up, they closed a $1M funding round. The money will be used to continue hiring of key personnel and expand their business operations into the US. Investors in the round include private investors as well as Tekes and Foundation for Finnish Inventions (Keksintösäätiö). Therefore the amount announced includes both private money and public leverage.

While the company does not disclose the exact amount of projects it has helped happen, they do say that developers from more than 50 countries has used their platform to create native applications.

The company has an ingenious way to solve the ever more vibrant debate of whether to go HTML5 or native with your mobile strategy. The AppGyver platform takes a HTML5 website and through their studio, users are able to generate native apps from them. These apps, currently available for the iPhone, are then compiled and published to the iTunes App Store. Compiling Android apps is in the works and most likely available later on.

Pricing of the platform is straightforward and easy to understand. Solo developers pay $9 while larger teams pay $39 a month. Separate enterprise pricing is available upon request. You only need to pay for the platform during the time you develop the application. Once it is live, you can choose to cease to pay for it if you don’t feel like continuing development on it.

During the beta period, you can use the service free of charge.

The company employs 8 people and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and Silicon Valley.

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