AppGyver aims to democratize software development

    And they want you to join their team – Would you enjoy helping your customers to create mobile applications that support developing their company’s processes?

    Would you enjoy helping your customers in creating software services that support making their business processes more fast and efficient? As mobile apps are the changing the way companies work, your possible future employer AppGyver provides the platforms for building up apps without coding knowledge.

    “We have been concentrating lately as a company on creating tools for creating data-based applications that enable developing B2E–processes of companies such as workflow management, analytics and in-house communications to be more efficient. Instead of trendy games development, we want to make business software development easy for everyone,” says Marko Lehtimäki, the CEO and Co-founder of AppGyver.

    The company has its heart on democratizing design and coding through easy-to-use tools for both coders and amateurs. Lehtimäki says that their vision is to actually build up the world’s first codeless development tool so that anyone with basic knowledge for instance about using Excel could create a business app oneself.

    “Originally we created tools only for coders, but now we want to bring our services and technologies also for companies whose employees know their own processes and have ideas how they could be improved,” Lehtimäki says and emphasizes that most of the companies don’t have resources for own development activities.

    Empowering the community

    The company, founded in 2013, has at the moment over 150 000 developers and users who have created over 50 000 mobile apps. While using the tools of AppGyver, the developers can create their own solutions for own use or partner with the company to create a software business through the developed solution. Started originally from creating professional tools for coders, during this summer the company will expand their B2B activities.

    “By bringing user friendly development tools we can simplify the app development process – just how WordPress for instance revolutionised creating websites,” says Henri Vähäkainu, the COO of AppGyver.

    “Our tools work and our services and technology have been proven by a large community; next we want to empower even those without coding skills to develop an application. So even a person with a use-case specific problem could solve even small things in private life or organizations – and create a business around that,” Vähäkainu adds.

    Ambitious, relationship-oriented and ready to grow?

    AppGyver, the Helsinki and San Francisco based mobile software development company, is looking for ambitious talents to join their growing team. As they have ongoing recruitment for talented developers, this time their focus is on finding Head of Sales and Partner Manager for their growing B2B operations as well as a Head of Public Relations.

    As the company is working in both B2B and B2C, basic understanding of software technology and especially customer-oriented consultant-like approach is necessary in every role at their flat and see-through organization.

    “We’re looking for independent and self-directed people to join our team that have no need for specific task lists. As a part of our team you’ll get responsibility and power – And we want our employees to bring in their own vision and experience in developing our business,” says Vähäkainu and emphasizes that having the drive for solving the customers’ problems is one of the main things thriving their company.

    “Even more important than experience is the attitude and excitement towards what we’re doing. The best fit in our team wants to learn and develop, grow and make an impact,” Lehtimäki continues.

    “We’re not only looking for people who think they’re ready for these positions, but people who are ready to grow with us.”

    While checking the numbers that describe Appgyver‘s growth, it becomes clear why they’re searching for dynamic people to join their team: The company’s developer community has grown from 15 000 to 150 000 people during the past year as well as the amount of built applications has raised from 5000 to 50 000.

    “We have developers from around 150 countries and our growth has mainly happened virally through our community – That’s why we want to make products that are so great that people will want to talk about it with their network,” states Lehtimäki.

    Join the extended Appgyver family

    AppGyver has in total 18 employees at the moment, and the small team would rather call themselves as an extended family. In the common growing process shared vision is the most important thing, say both Lehtimäki and Vähäkainu.

    “Sometimes even while chilling together during our free time, we love to discuss about developing our products and taking our company forward. In a small team like ours, being open and caring about the common direction is extremely important – And we want to make sure all our employees enjoy themselves at the workplace,” Lehtimäki describes.

    Check out the descriptions of AppGyver’s open positions of Head of Sales, Head of PR and Partner Manager on our Jobs Board – and go for your dream job.