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AppCampus To Host The Second Batch Of AppCademy Starting The 4th Of March

The second batch of AppCademy is kicking off in just one week. AppCademy is a version of a seed accelerator that is a part of the AppCampus program, providing teams with education and mentorship in addition to the money and marketing benefits. Unlike the rest of the program, the teams get to visit Finland for four weeks, where they will go through extensive 1-on-1 coaching sessions, lectures and training sessions by Microsoft and Nokia.

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The first AppCademy was held in November 2012 and according to Paolo Borella, the director of AppCampus “[it] was a great success, we learned a lot and got positive feedback from the alumni of the first batch. From that feedback we’re stepping up efforts and launching 4 camps this year, where we’ll invite the most promising AppCampus teams. To these teams we offer some sponsorship in airfare and lodging for the camp.”

For this batch, there will be a total of 20 teams from 15 different countries: US, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, France, Polan, Moldova, Germany, Denmark and UK. The selection is not limited to any specific type of apps and represents a wide spectrum of startups.

In addition to the educational program, the teams will also be provided with a number of networking possibilities and will be pushed and coordinated by both Paolo Borella and Mike Bradshaw, an AppCampus Sensei and pitching coach.

Of course the poor folk from around the world will also be forced to attend the local smoke sauna and roll around naked in the snow.

The last time we wrote about AppCampus, they have received over 1400 applications and funded more than 60 companies and distributed a total of €1.7 Million. To date, they have launched three AppCampus funded applications: Haunted, Physamajig and Candies VS Hypnodeer. They are all games. So we hope that when Paola Borella mentioned that “it won’t be all fun and games…”, he meant it.

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