AppCampus Kicks Off Four New Apps at the Mobile World Congress

Aalto University’s prominent Microsoft and Nokia funded mobile application acceleration program AppCampus will present four of its latest apps in the Mobile World Congress which kicked off yesterday in Barcelona.

The event will be home for more than 1,700 exhibitors for the next 3 days.

The AppCampus launches include Israeli developer Atar Games with their logical puzzle game IQ Safe, Finnish Kinos Games Studio’s game Smash Heroes, which as you might’ve guessed includes a hero and lots of smashing, and Muzies, the first gamified music player by Russian developer Funzai!

Lastly, included is also Canadian GreenCod Apps who launches a traffic control game.

“I’m really excited that AppCampus teams are continuously producing high quality apps and becoming successful worldwide. Congratulations to the teams launching their apps today. We wish them all the success possible in the future,” says Head of AppCampus Mika Okkola.

It’s been two hot years for AppCampus whose received more than 3,730 applications from more than 100 countries since its establishment in May 2012. AppCampus offers grants ranging between €20 000 to €70 000 from a joint €21 million investment made by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University. So far, AppCampus has accepted into its AppCademy training 270 team who have received €7,5 millions in investments and produced more than 85 apps.

The new apps now are available for download at the Windows phone store. More information about AppCampus alumni apps is listed on the program’s website.

AppCampus can be seen in MWC on Tuesday (today) between 9- 19 in the Hall8 Theatre District during the Nokia Developer Conference and you might spot them if you cross the 4YFN event at Fira Barcelona which goes on through the entire event. For another guaranteed glimpse, head on to the Wayra Demoday on the 26th and the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Hackathon between 25th and 27th in Fira Montjuïc