Nokia & Microsoft's AppCampus At Aalto University Now Accepting Applications

    AppCampus, the joint venture between Microsoft, Nokia, and Aalto University with the goal of boosting the Windows and Nokia platforms, has today opened the doors to applications. The program is looking to fund unique, innovative and high impact mobile applications that utilize Windows Phone and Nokia platforms. The program is open to both teams and individuals, and will fund projects anywhere in the world based on their merit. The program will invest in total up to €18 million over the next three years.

    Successful applicants will receive coaching and training, as well as €20-70 000 depending on the size and scope of their project. Projects admitted to the program will receive 30% upfront, with the rest being transferred once the project is certified and launched in the Windows Mobile Marketplace, and/or the Nokia Store.

    No equity or future share of revenue is taken, and intellectual property rights remain in the creator’s hands. “We are simply looking to support brilliant ideas that would boost this new mobile eco-system and create the next generation of successful companies”, comments Pekka Sivonen, head of AppCampus at Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship.

    Windows and Nokia have been missing that special sauce from their app stores, but can they buy their way into it? Who knows how much cash is going into operating costs, but €18 million split into €20-70 000 chunks can get a lot of people thinking about WP7 and the Ovi platforms.