AnyFi Networks Receives €1.2 Million Funding

    Edit: Björn Smedman, CEO of AnyFi Networks, points out in the comments that the total round size is SEK 10 Million, not just the SEK 9 million invested by Industrifonden. The article has been updated.

    Malmö-based AnyFi Networks has received a SEK 10 million round (€1.2m) , of which Sweden’s Industrifonden invested SEK 9 million (€1 060 000) into . We’ve covered the company in the past, but to recap, AnyFi provides a firmware upgrade for residential Wi-Fi networks that allows ordinary Wi-Fi networks act like a giant virtual network that anyone can log into by connecting to what looks like their home network.

    There are plenty of solutions that are trying to create global Wi-Fi networks, but Anyfi is unique by creating a secure IP tunnel that goes through residential gateways. The technology is an interesting value-added service for broadband operators, for whom AnyFi offers a whitelabeled service. The service is also marketed to mobile operators as a method to move data traffic from cellular networks to much cheaper WiFi networks.

    For users, AnyFi prides itself in reaching perfection “when there is nothing left to take away.” Users don’t need to install or log into anything; their devices just see their home network and automatically connect.

    With the investment AnyFi Networks plans on hiring engineers and a sales team to reach international markets, according to the press release.