Antti Öhrling Leaves Blyk, Hints At New Social/Mobile Opportunites

    Antti Öhrling, the co-founder and inventor behind the idea of Blyk, announced he will be leaving the company to explore new opportunities. Blyk, the youth engagement media company, was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia

    Blyk pioneered the use of interactive text and multi-media messaging as an advertising format, leveraging the most predominant, everyday behavior of young people (sending and receiving messages on their phones) and enabling young people to communicate with brands in the same way they do with everyone else. Blyk has offices in London, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Singapore and New Delhi.

    On his blog, Öhrling hints at the social media and mobile sector:

    Social media and rapidly developing mobile services combined create totally new markets for media, brands, operators, service providers and e-business as a whole. I want to explore this new emerging opportunity further.

    Today, the company has 3 million opt-in users in India, UK and Netherlands that are receiving the Blyk Media messages every single day. Proof of the firm’s success is demonstrated by the continuous high response rates (up to 60 %), which enables advertisers to get a very high return on their media investments.