Ants Is A Fast And Simple Ridesharing App

    The ridesharing options in the Nordic countries are few and far between, and the available options don’t leave users with much access when unteathered from a computer. Ants is a mobile-based ridesharing service inspired by Foursquare and Instagram, and is free to use. The service allows users to search and offer rides, give feedback, follow favorite drivers, and instantly share details on Facebook and Twitter. Payment for the ride is independently settled between the riders. 

    The team behind Ants sees an immediate need for such a service in the Nordic countries, but of course wants their app to be used the world over. “We truly believe the future in ridesharing is mobile,” says Aleksander Soender, CEO of Ants.

    Ants currently is available as an iPhone app and the team is working on an Android version as well. The company  has plans of adding a complementary web service, but so far they’re trying to get the concept right on the mobile interface before they expand to the web.

    Ants is also adding a subscription feature soon, where users can subscribe to certain routes, like from work to home, conference to hotel, or from an airport to a festival.

    Their team is very much from the region, and includes Aleksander Soender from Norway, Joonas Kirsebom from Finland, Arild Berggren from Norway, and Thor Hedegaard out of Denmark.

    Ants can be downloaded here.