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The former Nokia executive has invested into GameBook, a developer of real time scoring information for golfers in the form of a mobile app. GameBook is a Finnish run startup and has very strong and high profile investors before Vanjoki already. Some of the previous investors include Mikko Ilonen (European tour player), Teemu Selänne and Elias Pietilä (famous Finnish iPhone developer – received an Apple Design Award as a student). Vanjoki will join the Board of Directors with his investment.

GameBook has two parts to its service. First, there’s the Gamebook iPhone app available for golfers during the round and secondly, there’s the GameBook Clubhouse, an online community for golfers. The mobile app is perhaps the largest value adder here as golfers are able to compare scores during actual game play in a discrete manner.

“I decided to invest in and join the board of directors of GameBook because the basic concept has already shown its value to the golf community – and, quite frankly, my personal trials just got me totally hooked, like almost everyone who has tried GameBook,” said Anssi Vanjoki. “GameBook allows us ordinary golfers to feel like tour players on the course. The solution not only simplifies scoring and streamlines the competition experience for players, but also provides endless opportunities for golf facilities and tournaments to perfect their offering. GameBook is primed for fast commercialization, with ample potential for business expansion and further innovations.”

The interesting fact about GameBook is that it has been developed in co-operation with professional golfers, including the 2009 British Open champion Stewart Cink. Getting high profile people from the golf world on board can only have a positive effect. Being the social sport it is, services like GameBook have a very good chance of spreading like wildfire amongst the players.

The company developing GameBook has been registered both in Finland and the US. The main US office is located in Orlando, Florida while Free Drop Innovations Ltd. is registered to Finland. My guess is that this is partly for R&D purposes to leverage the government grants available.

Source: Press release

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