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Another Spectacular Month For Entrepreneurs Around the World At Project Getaway 2012

About two years ago Michael Bodekaer and Lieve de Lint shared with us a new way to work in the 2010 Lifestyle Design Experiment – Building Startups in Paradise. This year was nothing short of amazing with more passionate entrepreneurs with remarkable projects. Project Getaway provides the perfect environment for learning, improving your business, and staying productive while having fun.

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This event brings awesome ideas to life by truly inspiring people, while building lifetime connections. This year’s batch of location independent entrepreneurs brought on the entrepreneurial spirit with businesses varying from tools that help you get into a surfing wet suit faster, high tech medical devices for ophthalmology, to email apps for Windows with smart features and minimalist design, and much more.

So why experience the glory of working abroad in Bali? Well, for one the weather. It’s November now, and the idea of going to a tropical island to escape the fast approaching cold winter is definitely appealing. Bali has been the base for all Project Getaway events up to this point, and it is quickly growing in awareness amongst entrepreneurial communities. There were more participants this year than last, which happened organically without any active efforts in marketing the event. Some of the startups from Project Getaway, like Sharetribe and Mailbird have even been nominated for the current Nordic Startup Awards.

From the work abroad entrepreneur experience, it has been very cool to see great teams evolve from Project Getaway. Mailbird has been listed as a finalist for People’s Choice at the Nordic Startup Awards, and past PG participant and Mailbird co-founder, Carolina Mera, will be in Denmark representing the PG initiated Mailbird team, and the innovation of email design for Windows. As entrepreneurs, the idea is to find problems and learn how to solve them. We aspire to accomplish our goals and passions, maintaining a positive spirit, and continuing to optimize life through unique business ideas. Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

It is wonderful to see this year’s participants making things happen. Some of which did not officially separate from the corporate world, until joining Project Getaway. The Project Getaway participants gave 110% of their focus to their projects while also being able to balance it with having a ton of fun. They are dreamers. They improve the lives of people through their businesses, while enjoying the experience of living life to the fullest on the beautiful island of Bali. This year consisted of PG Veterans and a dynamic mix of “fresh meat”.

You may not have to wait another year, as Thailand is the next potential destination, calling for another unforgettable Project Getaway experience. Discover some amazing entrepreneur initiatives and projects through Project Getaway, stay tuned for updates here. Also, if you are curious to see how much fun we had this year, check out the Project Getaway Facebook page. Maybe we’ll be seeing you soon in Thailand!

This was a guest post by Andrea Loubier and Michael Bodekaer, who are together working on Mailbird, a windows email client similar to Sparrow. Bodekar is a Danish entrepreneur who has periodically been filling us in on Project Getaway, a concept where entrepreneurs can work on their projects together from exotic locations.

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