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We’ve been working on a few projects here at ArcticStartup, but the one that we’re really excited to tell you about today is a physical location right in the heart of Helsinki – our new co-working space. We hope that many of you will use it as your headquarters, come there for lunch meetings, or attend an event.

Our space is at an awesome location on Aleksanterinkatu 16-18, right next to the Helsinki Cathedral (aka The Big White Church). There’s a few entrances, but the most fun way to access it is through the back hallway in Cafe Köket at the same address. The co-working space comes complete with an event space, the cafe, meeting rooms, and a co-working room for about 25 desks. It fulfills the minimum office requirements and hence it will be known as the “Minimum Viable Office” or MVO.

Right now we’re looking for a few brave and crazy early-stage startups to join us, so head over to the launchrock page to stay in touch, or like our page on Facebook. We have limited desk space, but it’s priced to move.

Before coming to the conclusion that Helsinki needs a central meeting point for the startup community, we dug around the great co-working spaces across the region, like Sauna, MESH, Garage48, and TechHub Riga, and we think we’ve got a nice combination of factors to make it work.

The location and cafe make the space very low-friction to come to, or to arrange meetings at. But a major aspect is being able to bump into good people and socialize after work, something we’ve already seen from the few weeks we’ve been here.

The office is still pretty bare bones at the moment, as we’re putting the “minimum viable office” in our Minimum Viable Office. But it has four walls, desks, a roof, and the ArcticStartup staff with hammers and paintbrushes. We really feel strongly about building a community and letting it guide us in the right direction, therefore we really want your input and very soon we will announce an MVO day when everybody will be able to come and help us build it into what you guys and girls believe in.

To help secure such an awesome location, we are teaming up with good people over at the NewCo Factory incubator, who not only provided the actual premises but also helped us every step of the way. We are really doing this together and the companies applying to the incubator will get special privileges at the MVO.

We would also like to thank Cafe Köket, who loved the idea of co-working space and were happy to work together with us by allowing to use their entrance as the main entrance and also being our local cafe, complete with special offers and plenty of power plugs.

We hope that many of you will be able to drop by someday soon! And if you’re looking for space in Helsinki, drop us a line at MVO@arcticstartup.com

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