Ann Winblad Explains Entrepreneurship Vision

Ann Winblad is a partner of San Francisco-based Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. Her firm is one of the oldest tech-focused VCs in Silicon Valley. At Arctic15 Ann Winblad explains entrepreneurship vision and shares her pro-tips on how to launch and run great software companies.
  • Companies need to be far ahead right at the start. They need to be thinking into the future – that is what we call entrepreneur’s vision. Yes, these are assumptions, and we hope that these assumptions turn into facts.
  • When it comes to capital, you don’t want to raise too little, but also not too much. If you raise too little and you run out of capital, it’s hard to get investors at the next round. If you raise too much, you’ll spend it, and your future investors won’t like that either. It is challenging at the start to determine your exact capital requirement.
  • Any company requires a leader, that can keep communicating a big vision. Companies need to have a big vision and maintain a continuing dialog with the market about it. Plus, big vision is what keeps the employees motivated and engaged in the process.