Latvian Animals Life NET is a project that incorporates animal live streams in a truly unique way, which has never been used on such a global scale.

It all started when an IT specialist and an animal rights enthusiast asked the question: “How to raise awareness of animal welfare issues amongst the general public?” After some serious pondering, they decided to grab the attention of the audience by using trendy live streaming in their animal shelter. Since the co-founder of Animals Life NET Mark Barkan is recognized as one of the most top-notch SEO and digital specialists in Latvia, the organization has taken an advantage of digitalization in their strategy. Thus it is no wonder that the organization has rapidly turned into a global network supporting stray homeless animals in multiple locations around the world.

Animals Life NET initiative hopes to enlighten people about the problems shelters and rescues face daily and also displays the importance of helping our animals friends. Currently it is dogs, cats, birds and bears who are being nurtured but soon monkey and elephant sanctuaries will join the network as well. Besides adopting a pet, the organization has introduced a new way to contribute immediately by buying pet foods and other supplies to shelters. And people are eager to help animals in such a concrete but easy manner since the amount of pet food bought through Animals Life NET has already reached several tons. The organization aims to increase this amount to 50 tons a month. The income to sustain shelters and sanctuaries comes from commission on crowdfunding for animals on the site of the project. Moreover, the project allows visitors to shop on some of the biggest online stores such as Amazon and AliExpress where part of the spent money will be contributed towards pet food for shelters.

Are you eager to help animals by feeding them, volunteering or adopting? Make your contribution to the animal kingdom here.

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