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Angry Birds phenomenon is through the roof again. Yesterday, Rovio released Angry Birds Seasons, which is the new and awaited Christmas edition of the game. It is also available as a free update for those players who bought the Angry Birds Halloween edition. The game is now available in the iTunes store as well as for the Android platform over here.

The app is available for free on the Android platform and in the iTunes it costs 0,79€ (in Finland) and $0,99 in The States. For the iPad version, the prices are slightly higher. The game is somewhat of a Christmas calendar in itself. Each day will unlock new levels, one level a day. In total, the game has 25 different levels counting down to Christmas.

Another interesting addition to the iOS game version is that it takes advantage of the Game Center app. This basically enables people to more easily share high scores and experiences with friends, if they are using the service. I know I signed up for it when it came out, but never ended up really finding it useful. Somewhat of a flop in terms of Apple’s high standards personally at least.

Nevertheless, it seems that Rovio is putting a lot of energy into being the most talked about brand around Christmas. On the 11th of December, they will be organising an Angry Birds Day with local meetups taking place globally. People can gather together to share experiences, meet other gamers and so on. The company is also bringing out its soft toys early next year at their shop.

While the success is phenomenal, I can’t help to state the facts about the gaming business – since it’s all about hits – how far will Angry Birds take Rovio?

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