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Angry Birds To Get Bad Piggy Bank Soon

Bad Piggy bankBack in December we shared an interview with Martin Koppel, CEO of Fortumo regarding the deal with Rovio. Fortumo is a mobile payment company operating across 30 countries helping online games, developers with monetizing their applications or games with its easy to use and instant mobile payment service. The news today however is that of Bad Piggy Bank is now ready for integration.

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We are talking about Bad Piggy Bank, the mobile payment system that was initially introduced in December 2010. The payment system is now ready to integrate with mobile carriers across the globe, beginning with Finland’s largest operator, Elisa. The Bad Piggy Bank allows for in app purchases for the Angry Birds on Android as well as numerous other mobile games.

The idea is to introduce carrier based billing along with the technical solution for in app payment. I think it is of great benefit for developers as well as users alike. Haven’t tested this hands on, but it saves consumers from the hassle involved in paying for additional features as well as upgrades. With Bad Piggy Bank, users have the option to buy a feature and have the amount deducted right from their phone bill. To put in brief, you select the content you need to purchase in the game and hit the bad Piggy Bank icon. Upon confirmation of the purchase you can make the payment via text message and the amount is charged in the phone bill.

As mentioned earlier, this is only for the Elisa network in Finland right now with support for other operators to be added later during 2011.

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