Angry Birds Rio Animated Movie Coming In April!

Angry Birds-RIO75 million downloads translates more than just success. I might label this start to a post as a mere dramatization of a blog post but Rovio’s Angry Birds deserves credit for this. Why? The game has caught attention on every platform; the iPhone, Android, expanding to PCs and Macsboard games and even planning up for an animated series.

Rovio There was an announcement last week on the release of  Rio on April 15. This will be an animated film in collaboration with 20th Century Fox and Rovio and will feature two rare macaws. The plot revolves the original Angry Birds being kidnapped and taken to the city of Rio, they make an escape and head out to rescue their friends. More details on the plot here.

The plot in itself gives enough reason to take the idea seriously enough, for all the Angry Birds’ fans out there. Rovio will also be releasing Angry Birds’ Rio game in March, the plot is taken from the movie and brought to the gaming arena as Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro where the birds escape from their cage only to find many more in the same condition. We haven’t really tested the game and all we have is a short promo to give us an idea. You can watch the video towards the end of this post.

What is more interesting is how relations are being built and games starting from the mobile platform are taken up to create movies. Collaboration of industries is definitely going to provide fodder for numerous others aspiring to create something as phenomenal as Angry Birds. it will be interesting to see how the game, I mean the animated movie performs at the box office. Stay tuned to Arctic Startup for more.

Update: There was an error in mentioning both Fox and Rovio working in collaboration for the movie, this is not the case and the Movie comes from 20th Century Fox while Rovio is releasing the game.

We thank our readers for pointing the error here.