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Earlier this week at Nokia World, Nokia announced that it had partnered with Rovio and Angry Birds. In practice this means that all new Nokia Asha family phones will have Angry Birds pre-installed on it. A little earlier in the keynote, Stephen Elop announced that Nokia is making 14 phones each second. Think about it. It adds up to 1,2 million phones a day. Most of those phones aren’t smart phones – they’re phones being built for the emerging markets. Nokia Asha will be replacing the Series 40 phones and therefore, most of the phones Nokia makes – will come with Angry Birds pre-installed.

This is a very big deal by all standards. It means that Angry Birds will be most likely the first game a lot of people will be able to play on their mobile phones. It also means that Angry Birds user base will grow by tens of millions, if not hundreds, with Nokia Asha just next year.

I pinged Peter Vesterbacka on Twitter about this and he confirmed the pre-installation of Angry Birds on the devices and also mentioned they have big expectations for the partnership.

This is great news for Rovio as it’s able to push the game out to a whole new, huge audience. These are people who previously have not had that good an access to services such as the Ovi Store or App Store.

Nokia Asha is also a big part of the equation. It’s basically a whole new device Nokia is building their emerging market strategy on. A completely new group of users who can’t afford an iPhone, but still want the features of a smart phone. The device will also enable a lot of new users to reach out to the Ovi Store with the phone.

Below is a video of Peter Vesterbacka explaining the game on the Nokia Asha and how they see the new potential of the device for them.

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