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Angry BirdsGetting anything for free is usually a pretty good deal, but getting the hit game free from the Google Chrome store is an even better deal! The hit game is available to anyone through Google Chrome Webstore. The Chrome App Store is a service for the users of the Google Chrome browser and the applications can be run within the browser. This also signals a change for Rovio, the company that created Angry Birds as this is the first version of the game in a browser based format.

The Chrome version of the game has some new levels, “inspired by Google Chrome”, according to the description on the download page. There have also been some problems where users can’t play past level 1-20, but Rovio has mentioned they’re working to fix these.

There have previously been versions available for download through the Mac App Store for example, but these have been apps one runs native on their computer where as this is the first in-browser game. My guess is that we’re not too far away from the release of the Angry Birds Facebook game either.

The Facebook version of Angry Birds has been rumored and to some degree also confirmed by Peter Vesterbacka to come out this month. There haven’t been any official confirmations of this release date so it’s still pretty much a guess at this point.

Nevertheless, the expansion of the game to the web through the kinds of Chrome App Store further enable Rovio to leverage the craze behind the game and make it available to people beyond smart phones (and other touch screen devices). I’m sure it will find its audience.

Care to guess where Rovio will go next with Angry Birds?

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