Angry Birds Hits 140 Million Downloads And There Is A Lot More In China!

Angry BirdsThere is so much good to write about Angry Birds that many people would think that Rovio has always been a record breaker from day 1. It has taken Rovio 7 years and over 50 titles to bring forth this insanely popular game for the masses. By mentioning 50 titles, I simply needed to mention that I myself wasn’t much aware of Rovio before I played Angry Birds (and so did almost all my friends).

In the latest news, Angry Birds have broken another download record wall hitting past 140 million downloads. What’s more essential to mention here is the fact that it had 100 million downloads last month (March, 2011). The game has indeed come a very long way since its launch in 2009, with the Apple iPhone being the first to get it. From there on, it appears Angry Birds has existed since man first appeared on the surface of this Earth.

There are many reasons why Angry Birds has grown this big and the major reason is that it is extremely addictive. Second, folks at Rovio have scaled their marketing as needed and have not limited themselves to promotions on mobile devices alone. We have their merchandize available in form of stuffed toys, board game and even entering the movie scene. So when we mention that Angry Birds can be the next Mickey Mouse, we aren’t just throwing this in the air for someone to catch, it definitely has a lot of weight to it.

And while all this expansion is happening, Rovio has one huge market that remains untouched: China. Rovio is quite ambitious on making it big in China and the Mighty Eagle of Rovio; Peter Vesterbacka aims at hitting 100 million downloads in China alone by the end of this year. That by no means is impossible, given that there are close to 890 million mobile users in the region alone.

via IndustryGamers