Angry Birds Free With Magic Releasing At WIMA: NFC Tags Will Unlock Levels

Angry BirdsAngry Birds is set to get another title to boast about in its collection as Rovio announces the launch of Angry Birds Magic. The game is set to launch on Nokia smartphones powered by the current Symbian Anna update.The game will be released at WIMA NGS conference next week.

The gameplay will be taking a different approach compared to the more traditional format. For example, users can play the first five levels normally, but in order to proceed, they will have to touch their phone with another NFC enabled device to unlock another 5 levels. Thus each new friend will unlock 5 additional levels of the Angry Birds Magic. Other than that users who don’t have friends with NFC enabled mobiles, both Nokia and Rovio would enable unlocking these levels with NFC tags that are embeddable in nay item.

Angry Birds Free

The Angry Birds Free with Magic will come pre-loaded on the new Nokia C7, which is part of the Symbian Anna update. The full version of the game is expected to be made available by Rovio at the Ovi Store quite soon with more features and levels that will utilize the NFC feature on the device. Mikael Hed of Rovio stated in a comment to Nokia Conversations blog:

With Angry Birds Magic, friends can group together to combat the pig menace, in a new take on the game that so many people all over the world have fallen love with. This is an exclusive offering with the Nokia C7, a smartphone that really kicks off the NFC experience for developers. In time, the communal power of users with Angry Birds Magic could prove even stronger than the Mighty Eagle.