It seems that Angry Birds is already available on Facebook. We stumbled upon the game a day early of their official release. A few weeks back Rovio announced on Facebook that they would hold the biggest Facebook event ever and invite everyone and your mom to participate. The day naturally coincides with Valentines Day – a great day to share a good game with your friends. We snatched a few screenshots from the game as we played it and they’re available below.

The biggest differences in the game are perhaps the powerups that allow you to get “cheats” to beat the pigs. In addition to this you are able to invite your friends to participate in playing against your highscore. There is no real time play mode where friends can play against each other in real time, where they would share the screen.

The game is all Flash and the perhaps the best part is that you’re able to play it in full screen. The game renders beautifully to your screen. You control the game in the same way you would control it on your touch enabled device, except that the controlling device isn’t your finger but the mouse of the computer.

This really looks like Angry Birds will easily become one of the most played games on Facebook. It’s really easy to get playing and to be honest, I can see more people spending their time in the game. As we saw the game in Facebook, it really does look like Rovio is so much closer to that 1 billion installations of the game.

We don’t think it’ll take all that long.

Click here to play the game on Facebook.

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