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Angry Birds is making a ton of money off its mobile games. However, a natural extension to sales at this level is to license the characters and other material for merchandising. This is tricky as there are surely companies out there to try and leverage the products without proper licenses. However, one could argue this spreads the knowledge and brand further even though it doesn’t bring a dime to Rovio’s pocket. Below are a few interesting products and creations inspired by Rovio’s Angry Birds, collected by Toxel. Some may be licensed, but others may not – whichever the case, these surely bring a smile to your face.

Angry Birds Bento box.

Angry Birds recreated through Legos by Tsang Yiu Keung.

Angry Birds board game.

Angry Bird playground balls featured at Toy Fair 2011.

Angry Bird glasses.

Angry Bird fridge magnets.

Angry Bird golf club head covers.

iPhone 4 stickers.

And finally, Angry Birds cake toppers.