Rovio has announced that Angry Birds will expand to Facebook on February 14th. They did this in a very subtle way, by inviting people to an event on Facebook itself. Angry Birds has been anticipated to arrive on Facebook since last spring. At the time of writing this there are only a little over a thousand people invited to the event, but this will surely grow as the date gets closer.

The sharpest ones have realised that February 14th is also Valentine’s Day. A very prompt way for Rovio to show their love towards Facebook (and vice versa).

The event on Facebook reads:

Squawk! Everyone’s favorite furious fowl, Angry Birds, is coming to Facebook!

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like competitive pig-popping among friends!

Join in on the fun – mark this date on your calendars, and let’s make this the biggest Facebook Event ever!

Stay tuned for more details!

One tip about the new game could be in the invite itself.

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like competitive pig-popping among friends!

This of course is referring to social play, which hopefully is real-time, in the same way is real time as a social game (and not how Farmville is trying to be). Nevertheless, this could definitely spice up game play even for veterans of the game.

Being available on Facebook is something that will surely drive usage figures for Rovio, but it is yet to be seen how they will capitalise on this. The obvious one is advertising like they do on the Android platform, but the ARPU on that is surely lower than that of users on the Apple iOS platform, where iPhone games cost just under a dollar in the US and some €0,79 in the Euro zone.

Nevertheless, this will surely drive Rovio numbers north and perhaps the reason they’ve taken so long to do this may just lie in the figures itself. Would they have held off the launch to show further growth at a time when adoption rates may be slowing down? Could be, but then we would need to ask ourselves, who are they trying to impress.

Update 18:17 GMT: Penn-Olson has a nice write-up on this. They also talked to Peter Vesterbacka about the monetisation inside the game.

Rovio will also introduce new power-ups (e.g. an earthquake; or special, bigger, or stronger birds) which you can buy (for US$0.99) or earn while playing the game. Peter said that Rovio won’t introduce a product unless it’s a great one, and claims that 40 percent of users are actually interested in buying the power-ups, in contrast to just 3 to 4 percent in most other games.

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