AdAge published an article where it interviews the Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka, about an Angry Birds promotion that will take place during Super Bowl. Super Bowl is one of the most sought after places to market products and services, but also one of the most expensive. 20th Century Fox and Rovio will be promoting the film Rio in Super Bowl with a promotional code for the game itself. The promotional code, according to AdAge is visible in freeze frames, requiring viewers to stop and view the ad in slow motion.

The spot will be 30 seconds long and will promote the animated film by 20th Century Fox. The embedded promotional code will direct players to a special level in the original mobile game. Nothing was disclosed of the actual level itself. Those who complete the level, will be entered into an official “Rio” sweepstake. The main prize in the competition is an all expenses paid type of visit to the March 22 premiere in Rio de Janeiro.

The ad was produced in-house by Fox and planned to air during the game’s fourth quarter. Naturally, viewers won’t be able to see the promotional code in the live version as it’ll fly by. However, the ad will be made available in the Super Bowl channel in YouTube.

Source: AdAge