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Angry Birds 2 may very well be told from the pigs point of view, if there’s believing what Peter Vesterbacka has disclosed about Rovio’s future plans in Virtual Goods Summit in London. Pocket Lint wrote that the Mighty Eagle, aka Peter Vesterbacka, stated that they want to be able to surprise people. David Selle, a participant in the event tweeted Vesterbacka saying “We are not going to do a sequel, we want to surprise people – no one has told the story from the pigs point of view”.

At the Summit, Vesterbacka also confirmed that the company is also working on a multiplayer version of the game. “Multiplayer Angry Birds will be like old school Worms games”, he said. “Multiplayer is a priority, but we have not determined the best way for our players to experience it yet”.

However, Rovio’s current focus is on creating a Facebook game of the mobile version. “Most of Rovio’s investment is going towards a Facebook game”, said Vesterbacka (via Pete Stott’s tweet).

Angry Birds is on a fantastic trajectory here. For reference, I wrote about the game for the first time in July. About 4,5 months later the whole world has heard of the game and it still continues to further attract interest.

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