Amooz Gamifies Loyalty Cards And Check-Ins

Success often follows where service providers or vendors improve their consumers’ experience. By gamifying the process of interaction with their brands, merchants can reward customers with points that can be redeemed as bonuses. This processes already exists on smartphones, bit currently other products aren’t interactive enough. Amooz steps in by improving your experience at cafés, bars and restaurants.

The Latvian startup partners with restaurants, bars and cafés to help users receive credits on their smartphone. The procedure is pretty simple and focuses on making the user experience interactive and can be explained in a few steps:

User checks ins: When users visit a venue that has signed up with Amooz, they can scan the QR Code with their mobile phone and check in. The check in also rewards them with credits that can be redeemed.

Rewards: The credits earned can be redeemed on your first visit or you can continue to collect the same for a bigger rewards. The point here is to incentivize users visit and them using Amooz. Likewise you can also send “Treatz” to your friends, inviting them to be the first to try the venue. Your friends can check in to enjoy the free treat, while you earn more points for the promotion.

In our opinion, Amooz strongly focuses on the following three aspects:

  • Invite people
  • Have them bring friends
  • Make them return

Each of the aspects are integrated in the procedure, from first time users to sending Treatz and inviters earning more credits. It is interesting how startups are open towards acknowledging that users are the ones who drive businesses and help businesses grow. For this reason, Amooz keeps users at the core of its product. In addition to that, Amooz is partnering with morerestaurants and bars to have them each “Amooz enabled” so each one of them can offer users credits. In their own words:

Amooz is a digital loyalty and referral service that will change the way restaurants, bars and cafes communicate with their guests. We provide a card-free and infrastructure-free platform that enables venues to provide their loyal guests with better service, as well as bring new guests through the door.

So what Amooz becomes, is not just something that benefits consumers, but also  business. Users visit a restaurant, enjoy the food and drinks, send treatz to their friends by telling them about the venue, which acts as a referral and promotion for the restaurants. Sounds a win win situation for both sides, especially given the fact that consumers trust thier friends’ recommendation more than advertisements. Having rewards attached on top of that adds even more value.