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Ambadoo is a new iPhone app coming to you from Malmö, Sweden. The first impression of the service was that it reminds me a lot of Jaiku. But it is a lot better and nicer to use and it’s also available for the iPhone. Just tells us how much Jaiku revolutionised the industry with its service, if it’s still remembered so many years after Google shut it down.. Having said that – Ambadoo is very much something I could use on a day to day basis.

The service installs quickly to your iPhone and after a quick setup, you’re ready to go. The app asks for your info it can then post to it to its website. You get to choose what information you want to share with the public and what info you’d like to keep available only to your friends. You’re basically able to add all the information available to your profile that you’d find possible to enter into your address book regarding yourself.

Once you’ve got everything set up with your own profile, you can begin adding contacts. The challenge here is that the app doesn’t quite well integrate with your existing services – your address book mainly. This is a problem, because in the beginning when no one is using the service – I don’t really have any contacts in my address book. If the app would at least pull all the details from my address book so I could use Ambadoo instead of the regular address book – it would feel more useful. Since it fails to do that, it feels a bit empty which is a shame, because I can really see the value of it and would love to use it more.

The service is also able to update your social media networks through a status update. This update is also shown to each of your contacts in Ambadoo.

Ambadoo has a lot of competitors of course. Mainly Facebook and their new mobile apps. However, the use case with Facebook isn’t so much of an address book on your phone, but we never know where Zuckerberg takes his company.

Petter Palander, one of the co-founders of the company acknowledges this and says they will continue development to integrate other apps into the service more deeply, “we’re preparing to open up our API as well as integrating others API deeper for a better experience, and the ability to push contact data between services and apps. The aim is to be a sort of contact-hub, so no matter on what service you’re using one should be able to find & contact you.”

The company is now self-funded, but will be looking to raise a seed round in the near future. There are now three people working with the product, Petter Palander, Rafael Rebolleda and Daniel Krusenstråhle. It also looks to release Android and other versions of its software in the future.

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