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Amazon has joined the Android app race with their own store in the US, according All Things Digital. The store isn’t available at least in Finland and an attempt to access it simply redirects one to the Amazon front page. Amazon is claiming that since it’s a retailer already, it can do a better job in selling apps than Google itself. For developers, it adds fragmentation as there are now at least three sites one has to be present in if you want to reach the masses, The Google Android Market, Amazon App Store and the Baltics originated GetJar.

The Appstore features 3800 applications at its launch. One of the most notable applications helping Amazon launch today is the actual launch of the Angry Birds Rio game in the Appstore.

However, one of the key problems Amazon is trying to solve with its appstore is discoverability of new applications. To do this, Amazon will be helping discoverability with the four following points:

  • Amazon will offer one free app a day.
  • Amazon will have a feature called Test Drive where users will be able to test an app before they buy it. The app is tested in a browser, on a computer for about 30 minutes after which they will have to buy the app.
  • Amazon will also use its recommendations engine to promote applications.
  • Amazon will also enable its one click purhcasing for app buyers, wishing to drive up sales.

It will be interesting to see how well Amazon is able to add value for developers. 3800 apps is far from the amount of apps other app stores have, but Amazon does have experience under its belt which could prove handy in the future.

On the day of its launch, Amazon has also run into legal problems with their service. Apple has stated it is suing Amazon for trademark infringement as in the term “App Store”, which of course is referring to the iTunes App Store.