Do you love to play a lot of games on your computer system? If you are a gaming person, then you possibly know the importance of the graphics processing unit. The Graphics processing unit plays a vital role in the computer’s hardware. It is simply a computer chip that renders graphics and images on your computer system by performing mathematical calculations. It consists of multiple stream multiprocessors (SMs), each consisting of a rich memory hierarchy that includes register files, shared memory, cache arrays, and stream processors. GPU chips are used for both personal and professional purposes. Basically, GPU chips are known for rendering 2D and 3D images, animations, and videos. And now, speaking of the history of the modern graphics processor, their evolution began in the year 1995 with the introduction of the first 3D add-in cards.

There is a lot to discover about modern graphics processors. Do you want to know the history of modern graphics processors? Are you also a gaming person? If you are curious to find out everything about modern GPUs, then you will have to go through this complete article. Here, we have explained the detailed history of modern graphics processors. So, please go on and read this entire post.

More to Know About the History of the Modern Graphics Processor

In the year 1995, with the introduction of the first 3D add-in cards, most people adopted to use the 32-bit operating system on their personal computer. And before that period, the graphics industry consisted of a more prosaic 2D, non-PC architecture. And the price tags for the graphics were also huge. At that time, the 3D gaming and virtualization graphics eventually converge from diverse sources like arcade and console gaming, military, robotics, and medical imaging. The graphics system in the earlier days featured a fixed function pipeline, also known as FFP. And now, in all these years, 3D graphics have turned our dull PC industry into a bright show. And today, the graphic chips have been adapted to a wider variety of tasks than they were originally designed for. The modern GPU chips have now become more programmable than they were used to be in the earlier times.

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