AktieTwits.dk Trying To Unite Tweeting Nordic Stock Investors

    AktieTwits.dk logoAktieTwits.dk is a new Danish service for Nordic professional and private stock investors sharing investment tips or seeking stock information on Twitter. The idea is to bring all information flows together and structure the content, with the aim to ease real time monitoring of the market. AktieTwits is taking on the traditional message boards and media sites by aggregating real time instant messaging, to allow one feel “almost like standing on the tradingfloor,” as the founder Jens Davidsen puts it.

    AktieTwits mobile screenshotThe service is integrated with Twitter, meaning one can start participating in the AktieTwits community just by signing in to one’s Twitter account. AktieTwits.dk uses own custom tags to catch users’ Twitter tweets: “$$” for general market comments, and for example “$CARL-B”, “$DANSKE” for comments on individual stocks. The site also shows all links to popular and related sites, including Youtube, Flickr, Jyskebank.TV, and own stock charts, as embedded content. In addition, AktieTwits offers also deeper information including stock quotes, charts, company data, and analyzing and screening tools for following the market on a daily basis. The website also has a good mobile version working with iPhone, Android, and Nokia Nseries handsets.

    The service is not exactly a unique one, but could be successful if found useful by the local active investors. I would guess, though, that majority of them are focusing on home country trading with only partly attention to international markets, and thus also preferring to interact in their native language. Also, one might question selection of the domain name if indeed the service is targeted for pan-Scandinavian use. So far there are not that many features encouraging the community interaction either.

    Anyway, there is for example a well-known Finnish investor magazine’s online forum in which discussion on daily topics flows actively. Many of the comments are quite short, and could well be expressed instead in microblogging style in a service like AktieTwits. Considering you first need to begin and learn using Twitter is an additional hurdle in adoption, though.