AIRTAME Reaches and Breaches IndieGoGo Goals: $111k Surplus with 17 Days Left

It’s on rare occasions we can safely say a startup has really exceeded itself, but Danish startup AIRTAME really doesn’t leave us any other choice.

A little less than month ago we covered AIRTAME’s second day spent in crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, where they had already rounded up $30 000 of their $160 000 goal. Their product, a wireless HDMI dongle that connects your screen with any other device with a screen display, turned out to be exactly what everyone was missing from their home electronics setup.

Today, with $271 000 collected and 17 days left into the ending of the round, it’s becoming clear that we will be hearing a lot more from AIRTAME.

What makes the AIRTAME dongle so desired then?

The AIRTAME dongle can either duplicate your screen into another, or extend it, so that you can use other screens as extensions to your desktop. What makes these features so exceptionally appealing, is the lack of wires and cables.The Dongle is plugged into any screen capable of HDMI display, which then creates a pathway into the Wi-Fi network for nearby devices to connect to through AIRTAME software. Any content can then be shared between the devices, as duplicates or as screen extensions. The beauty isn’t only the hardware, which is only necessary for sharing with TVs, projectors and monitors. The software is capable of creating online mirrors between PCs. These mirrors can be accessed and opened as separate windows to view content displayed in the source device.

Disconnection and connection is possible at any given time. The limitations of AIRTAME are completely up to the user, multiple AIRTAMEs grant you multiple screens to connect to.

Multi-screen connections will most certainly find very practical uses in lectures, classes and work spaces, where listeners will be able to connect into a source PC and observe the screen content and take notes at the same time.

All of these connections can naturally be secured with a password and they will not affect your existing internet connections.

Boldly enough, I’m speculating the AIRTAME app and hardware could be one of the most significant products launched in IndieGoGo so far. The casual uses for a product like AIRTAME could be enormous, and with a beta price of $89, the customer reach could be equally immense. The only minus I could find with AIRTAME was its incompatibility with smartphones and tablets, but once they gain more widespread acknowledgement, I’m sure it’ll be just a matter of time when AIRTAME will run on Android and iOS. When that happens, the now gathered €271 000 could turn out be just a modest start.