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This is a problem that’s very real for many companies: keeping your meeting notes in order. I keep them in various places and perhaps for that, they’re never too easily to be found. Agrii is an Estonian startup that has developed a web service that helps you keep your meeting notes in order and structure them in a way that they’re easy to come back to as well.

Daniil Harik and Kalmer Rautam are the co-founders behind the company. The need to create a solution like Agrii, came from personal needs. It’s hard to keep everything in an organised fashion over a long period of time.

The service is simple. All you need to do is register to the service, or use your Facebook credentials to do so (last night, the site seems to be unresponsive in registering new accounts). Next you setup a meeting and add some participants to it. In the meeting, you’re able to add different action points, be those questions, decisions or agreements. All these are naturally available to be shared with other participants taking part in the meeting.

Harik wants to grow the service in terms of quality in the future, not in features. However, they are fans of testing their traction with clients. It took them 7 months of work to transformt the idea into a product. From May to August, the service was in private beta as they developed it together with client feedback.

Nevertheless, there are lots of CRM tools out there where you can add individual notes on client communiation. I haven’t seen an application yet though that would help in writing meeting notes in this fashion. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

Story tipped by Artjom Vassilijev.