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Finnish online media company AfterDawn, has signed a multiyear contract with a French Bestofmedia Group on bringing the succesful Tom’s Hardware Guide to the Nordics. Tom’s Hardware Guide is a 14-year old publication about technology that is written today in 11 different languages and reaches some 30 million readers monthly.

Bestofmedia Group chose Afterdawn as its partner in the Nordics due to its vast experience with online media. Afterdawn has launched services both to Finnish audiences as well as international audiences. With the deal, Afterdawn receives exclusive right to Tom’s Hardware Guide’s articles which include extensive reviews and analysis into the latest trends and devices in the PC-industry.

The first site of the package will be opened towards the end of this summer and the rest of the Nordic sites are expected to open up towards the end of the year. The countries included in this deal are Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The articles for the above mentioned countries’ content will be received from Tom’s Hardware Guide, but according to AfterDawn, it will be spiced up with their own reporting as well. The platform will be that of Afterdawn’s and thus the users of those sites will be able to use their credentials in the new site as well.

Afterdawn is one of the most successful niche media companies from Finland. They have been online for over 10 years and generated a turnover close to 500 000 euros in their previous fiscal year ending June 2009. In 2008 they managed to generate a little over 600 000 euros in turnover, so they have managed to capitalise their content extremely well.