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You may have seen these ads all over the internet when browsing for content online. InfluAds has grown extremely fast in the last 14-15 months is has been out. I had a brief chat with Anibal Damiao, the founder and CEO of the company, where they are today. In short, InfluAds is an advertising network run from Scandinavia with 97% of their customers in the US.

InfluAds claims its success on three points. Firstly, it gives the audience a clutter free experience (only one ad allowed per page). Secondly, it gives publishers premium revenue and a consistent ad quality. Thirdly, it gives unique audiences for its advertisers. Looking at these three points, they all answer to and take into consideration each of their clients, the audiences, the publishers and the advertisers.

InfluAds does not accept sites into its advertising network from just anywhere. Anibal Damiao has carefully picked four areas that he believes are the best to work with; Startups & Entrepreneurs, Design, Web Development as well as Work & Productivity Apps.

Reading through tons of content each day I can whole heartedly agree that these areas are the ones with the most early adopters and thus makes for an interesting target market to work with.

While the three first categories mentioned above mainly focus on content creation, Work & Productivity Apps are exactly what the title says – online applications. InfluAds thus helps applications create additional methods of income on top of their freemium models.

InfluAds was founded in February 2010 in Denmark and it has been fully bootstrapped to its current status. Like mentioned before, it was founded in Scandinavia and its technical team is in Portugal as well as having some assistance in the US. It has over 200 publishers in its network and 97% of its clients are from the US.